Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"The whole world calls me Hank"

Introducing........ Henry Karl, A.K.A Hank!

Natalie and Hank had their portrait done last week, Hank was 8 weeks in this picture. He was 2 months old this Wednesday. He was born June 3rd at 4:20 in the afternoon. He was three weeks early! Perfect timing as anyone who talked to me any time before then would be able to tell you. He came 4 days after Natalie's birthday party and almost 2 weeks before her dance recital. Both things I would have been very sad to miss. He was 6lbs 7oz and 18 1/2 inches long. Labor was a breeze compared to Natalie's birth, and for that I am very thankful. I'll take 5 hours and three pushes over 20 hours and two hours of pushing any day! Hank is a great baby and we are all adjusting very well. He has settled into sort of a sleeping routine and if I get him good and full before bed time he will even sleep 5-7 hours at a time!
We have taken full advantage of the portability of an infant and he has enjoyed many dining experiences. This is a common (and very cute) sight. Don't you want to just nibble those cute little toes?

Here he is chillin' at Chuy's.

Sorry I can't get this picture straight but I like it b/c they are both looking and smiling.

Natalie has been such a great big sister! She is so proud to have her "little bro-bro". She is such a great help. I am enjoying motherhood and infancy so much more this time. It was great last time but I feel I can truly appreciate every little thing this time having some idea of what to expect. I am so happy to have our little boy and to watch him grow into a man. Little boys are so cute!
Here are some other pictures, more to come soon

Hank Meeting his new friend Leighton

Hank meeting his new friend Luke

First picture of the family of four

Hank with his Grandma in the hospital

Hank with his proud Poppi. Henry is my Dad's middle name.

Hank at his first baseball game sitting with his Mimi and K.K. It was the Round Rock express vs. the Nashville Sounds. He was such a good boy there.

After a bath with Daddy.

Hank with Mommy

P.S. I think this is what put me into labor. Natalie decided to give herself bangs the night before. The sad thing is that I was sitting with in 5 feet of her. She even came over to me and said "Mommy I think I need a hair cut. I think I want bangs" To which I replied, we can go get your hair cut after your recital in 2 weeks. At least she did a good job, you can hardly tell now but it looked like she had long sweeping bangs.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's a ........ BOY!

We found out about two weeks ago that we are having a little boy in June! We are very excited and I have to say I am most excited about the possibility of being done making babies. Ask me in a few years and the answer may be a bit different. For now though, the idea of one of each makes me smile.
I have maintained my track record for predicting what I am going to have. I am 0-3. I thought Natalie and Laurel were certainly boys and I was convinced this one would be a girl. Oh well, at least my mother's intuition proved to be much better after Natalie came into this world.
So let the shopping and decorating begin! I have already picked out the crib bedding and have spent way too much time looking at little boy's clothes online. I have to say the best part about knowing we are going to have a little boy has to be Kenny's reaction. He always maintained that whatever the baby was he would be happy and I still believe that. But when the sonogram technician said it was a boy he perked up and his chest puffed up a bit. I know he is so proud, and I feel I have fulfilled one of those "wifely duties" in giving my husband a son.
The morning we went in for the ultrasound I had an overwhelming feeling that the universe had something more to teach me. I would like to think that all the time I spent with the boys on the construction site has given me an edge in understanding and dealing with the opposite sex, but I am sure that being a mother to a boy will prove to be much more educational!
The two things that worry me most......
* The search for a name. Who knew there were so few boy names I like? Daddy is the third and I have pretty much put my foot down about having a Kenny IV. What would I call him anyway? I can hardly figure out what to call my husband most of the time. He's Kenny at home (he says Ken is his Dad's name) unless we are around his work colleagues in which case I always blow it and call him Kenny anyway. Oh well, I'm sure we'll come up with something, we have 4 months to figure it out.
* The new toys! I feel like our closets and attic are filled to the brim with Natalie's toys already, where are we going to put boy stuff? I don't think he will want to play tea party, princess, Barbies or Polly Pockets. I do have to admit I am looking forward to playing with Lego's and construction trucks though :)
However, despite my minor concerns as we venture into the unknown, I can't wait to meet this little guy. Who is he? What will he be like? Will he be as big a trouble maker as his daddy was? Yikes! I can't wait!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

God sent us another little angel

We got a sneak peak at our little angel a few weeks ago, complete with halo and all. So cute, I can't wait to hold this precious baby in my arms! I thank God everyday for this opportunity, what a gift. I know this is probably the yolk sac but this sonogram picture is a happy perk of technology. We get to go again on December 10 to see this angel again. I can hardly wait.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A couple of funny things Natalie has said lately.....

Natalie has become quite entertaining lately. Here are a few things that struck me as hilarious.

* Sunday Kenny took Natalie to the park in his truck. She was sitting in the back whispering something, the conversation went like this.
Natalie: "Psss Psss Psss"
Kenny: "What Natalie, speak up honey I can't hear you"
Natalie "Psss Psss Psss"
Kenny: "Natalie what is it? I can't hear you"
At this point Kenny pulls the car over hearing the urgency in her voice
Kenny: "Okay, tell me again, what are you saying"
Natalie still whispering: "Daddy, there's a bee on the window! Roll the window down, get it out"
Window rolls down, bee escapes.
Kenny: "Why were you whispering? "
Natalie: "I didn't want to talk louder and bother the bee, it might have stung me."

* Last night Kenny commented on how Natalie needed her toenails trimmed.
Me: "Hold on, I'll go get the trimmers"
Kenny joking: "Nah, I'll just chew them off"
Natalie: "No Daddy, don't chew them off I need my toes"
Kenny : "You don't need your toes, what are you using them for?"
Natalie: " I am, I use them for wiggling!"

I may think these are so funny because she is my daughter, regardless I thought I'd share.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Halloween... better late than never

I know, I know it seems like Halloween was forever ago but I have been really bad about posting. I can't omit this event from my blog, so here it goes.

Natalie decided that she wanted to be Little Mermaid for Halloween about a month before the big day and cleverly tricked, eh hem, I mean asked her Mimi nicely to buy her the outfit for her. Thank you Pam :) We had two Halloween parties to attend prior to the big day. To each of these she was Little mermaid and wore her costume. I even spray painted her hair red! She looked cute but can I tell you that I am ready for her to want to dress up as something other than a princess? Disney has a strangle hold on my child, or so I thought.....

Natalie decided about 4 hours before trick-or-treat time that she would like to be a cheerleader Halloween night. What's that? You want to change your costume last minute. Normally a mom would freak out and run around trying to get things together or just flat out say "no, sorry it's too late, we already have your costume". But we did actually have a cheerleader costume she wore 2 years ago. How it still fit I have no idea but it did. I even had a big red bow and a pom-pom! I did have to run to Wal-mart last minute to buy white tennis shoes. What cheerleader is complete with out white tennis shoes? And here you go ... two Halloween costumes. Both as cute as can be.

Natalie Starts Dance

Natalie started dance in late September. She does 20 minutes of tap and 20 minutes of ballet. She really likes it and it is so cute to watch all of the girls together. Most of the girls in her class go to the same preschool so they get to see eachother more often. They all get along really well. She has a recital performance in June. I hear these are really cute and I can't wait. Hopefully I won't be in the hospital giving birth and I will be able to see it! That would be a real bummer to miss.